Hayley                                                                                           Hayley is only three 

She likes to read like me                                                 

And when I go to bed

She reads a book like me.                                                 

 By Grace Channings


Our learning.....

In Term 3 and Term 4 Room 4 has been creating their own claymation in groups of 2 and 3
and here is one of the claymation photos.

Room 4 has also been painting some master pieces!

By Anita

Our Amazing Writing

By Emily

Tropical Island

Its a beautiful place with clear and shiny water.
It's somewhere in the mountains, but nobody knows where.
Its always open in the summer time with heaps of cool birds just like bellbirds. 

By Emma

The Animals of Nature

In the sky I see beautiful take offs of butterflies. 
A kea soars through the sky, they smile at me. 
The ginger cat creeps through the grass.

Learning 2013

Throughout the year we have made playgrounds, painted portraits and lots more...

Looking Back at 2013

Looking back at 2013 we have enjoyed making our me booklet's, our calendar art, window art, our portraits, Kapa Haka and dance, and our trip to Orana Park. We have enjoyed our visit to the Eco shop, swimming, doing our poems, Horton Hear's A Who,  Run Bike Run, Athletics, Maths, Reading and Writing, Maori, animal drawing, making our pillows, Fitness and word study.
By Ashleigh and Alyssa


In Room 4  we have  been doing poems  these  are some  of mine...

This one is called  CLOUD    ISLAND



The Sky


Sky flowers gold and red blossom high above our heads
Spotty cats pointing there stick all over town last night 
This is the wind that shapes the tree  
Raging in from foaming seas 
There are valleys and mountains just as on land


In Reading we are learning about the programme Availll.  It is actually fun. The first movie we watched was 'Horton Hears A Who'.  There were 5 activities and they were called - Last Words, Match the Meaning, Mystery Word, Synonym Search and Word Hunt. They were all fun and easy!
 By Jorge

Dance Fever

I can't stop dancing! I'm dancing in the classroom I'm dancing in the hall I keep dancing at the disco even at my home I'm dancing on the toilet! Could it be the mystery of dance I forgot its Dance Fever          Oh no!  Tts dance fever help me!
By Jorge

Learning German With Lea

This term we are learning German with Lea.
We are learning how to count to Ten in German
and how to say our name in German too.
How to say the alphabet.

Student-Led Conferences

Next week on Tuesday and Wednesday we are  having our student-led conferences! This is how some students are feeling...

Taylah - ''I'm feeling both excited and nervous!''

Emma V - ''I'm looking forward to it but also a bit worried!''

Lauren - ''I'm feeling half way between confident and not!''

Grace - ''I'm feeling scared and excited at the same time!''


                                                                  By Taylah


This term we have been doing Dance with Room 15 and 20. We are doing Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake. We are performing it at our School Gala. Here are some people that would like to share something that they like about dance with you...          
Lauren-"Learning and teaching our little buddy".                                                                                        Anita-"Learning the moves".                                                                                        Zainab-"Learning new moves and she likes it".    
By EmmaVincent

Writing Twisted Poems

In Room 4 we have been writing twisted poems this is mine.

                                                                AT NIGHT
The night was dark and deathly still there was hardly a sound. One Ruru calls it's own name  it's wing's are invisible and make no sound. Out in a shed a boy is listening for radio waves from mars this night. Out on the street teenagers throwing lemons at windows until they see someone come and spread out like peanut butter. A boy wriggles into a sleeping bag which is like a cocoon.

By Aaron

Beau and Jack

Beau and Jack where very slack they do a lot of whack.
Now and then they get a pen and stick it in a den.
And at the end they got a rat and that was the end of that!

Alicias Poem


Fluffy and soft
as sticky as toffee
sweet and unhealthy
delicious every colour

 by Alicia Close


My Mother goes on the computer and searches Facebook on the internet.
"Click!" goes the mouse as Mum clicked onto a virus.
Shannyn Oakes and Lauren Close went on the Oaklands school website but got in the virus 
too! It was muddled like a maze.
My kind, friendly Brother got a disconnection
to complete a game with Shannyn and Lauren
and quit his game to help.
He ran to help just as a monkey popped
out of the screen like a Jack in a box.
More and more furry monkeys came
out of the youtube screen.
The monkeys were as brown as chocolate.
Lauren and I watched as he pressed a safe
button and all the monkeys were as still as
a statue.
We trained the monkeys to play Mathletics 
and then the monkeys lived happily ever
after. It was as good as gold. 

Our Chain Poetry

Chain Poems
WALT: Create a chain poem that tells a story from 8 words on a specific topic.

By Ashleigh & Anita
Lots of tigers are fat and cuddly
They are also furry and soft
They look very stripy in black and orange fur
Some tigers are scary and very frightening
Baby tigers are cute and small
Tigers are lots of fun sometimes
They can grow as big as a zebra
They have very clawy claws

By Ellen & Jayden
As round as a ball
So very juicy yum, yum, yum
As crunchy as a pear
Sometimes as red as blood
Sometimes as green as grass
Sometimes even yellow with red
As delicious as an apple pie
And so yummy for your tummy

By Emma H & Zainab
Whish, whish goes the butterfly’s wings
They are so beautiful and colourful
As they flutter to collect nectar
Butterflies flying so high
Landing on pretty flowers and smelling them
Beautiful patters on their wings
So precious
And gentle butterflies fly
The sky’s the limit!

An Ogre Lady
By Emma V & Taylah
A young boy knocked on the door and saw an old lady shaking furiously
Suddenly the old lady claps and the lights turn on
Quickly the young boy punches the window for an exit out of the terrifying mansion
The old lady tightens her grip and holds the boy so tight he could only just breathe
The Old Lady’s hands were so extremely cold it sent a shiver down the boy’s spine
The sun is shining hot upon my face through the dirty broken window
I had a brainwave…
If I slap the Old Lady she might loosen her grip and I would be able to escape
So that is what I did
After that the Old Lady ran to the door but couldn’t see me because I was already half way home
“Hip, hip hooray!” I yelled while I was running
By Jacob & Beau
I think mammals are hairy so they can keep warm
Retiles are scaly and sometimes bizarre
But I think I like reptiles more than birds because I like snakes
Crocodiles are carnivores
They have four legs, some no legs at all!
I don’t like herbivores
I like fiercesome animals




Twisted Poems

This term we have been working on writing different poems to express our thoughts and feelings. One of the first poems we write was 'Twisted Poems'. We created these poems from lines of original poems put together to create new poems. We used journal poems as the basis for our poems. This is what we cam up with. Twisted Poetry 

WALT: Create a poem from lines of an original poem to present a poem with a twist. 
By Sasha  
Butterflies have a lot of patterns They are one of the most beautiful creatures They are very soft They are very fragile Beautiful, bright, colourful things I just wish I had wings They are beautiful and caring Most loving things you will find on Earth! 

By Jayden  
Let The Rock Take It Away 
Do many get married? A crayfish in the car Cooked slowly for a maximum flavour Like diners at a fine restaurant Walking, talking, mud pie, cleaning lighthouse windows The tut, tut, tut of passers by Against all odds! 

By Jamie 
I was whizzing down the street I saw a leaf glide from the breeze Along the silver edge like the moon A streak of sunset A tangerine tiger’s tail A giant jaffa roll A linger of lava Have retired from the shore 

By Benny 
When I go to bed in my Sung Sung bed I felt like I could sleep for years I feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon about to hatch into a butterfly But it doesn’t last forever! 

 By Anita 
The street stretched silent Footpaths still The sky boiled And then a sudden scare! Boulders and scree are sliding down the hillsides into the sea I don’t dare go near them Then the sky cracks open Skyrockets mow them down all over town! 

By Jack 
Look deep into her eyes for her true colours You survived somehow against all odds The men, machines, tumbling logs, the fires, the cats, the stoats and the dogs Like a dinner at a fine restaurant The white coated sea gulls Ten bird watchers spotting nine ducks Catching a germ is like catching a flea – when I wasn’t looking it caught me! 

 By Emily  
The Astonishing Shark 
This killing machine can’t help it He was born this way He’s as shocking as a fish leaping out of deep water See’s me staring Hears me talking They make no sound And then a sudden scare! Boldness turns to instant fear Someone has been here Something bold and fierce Something swift He’s gaining fast BANG! SNAP! SPLATTER! 

By Aaron  
At Night 
The night was dark and deathly still There was hardly a sound One ruru calls its own name Its wings are invisible and make no sound Out in shed a boy is listening for radio waves from Mars this night Out in the streets teenagers are throwing lemons at windows until they spread like peanut butter A boy wriggles into a sleeping bag that was like a cocoon. 

By Taylah  
One Dark & Eerie Night 
I lie down tucked up warm bed Creepy whispers in the night call through the cat flap Spooky laughter outside my kitchen window We say nothing and listen… The silence hung in the air all over town The night was dark and deathly still!

Our Playground

We got to make Oaklands School's playground and we got to do anything on it. We could even make our own stuff in our playground.

This is Emily Pentecost's and Emma Vincent's 

Literacy Quiz

Wooden arms was one of Emily Pentecost's and Taylah Peek's books to read for the literacy quiz. We got about two days to read it each. On the 19th of September it was the Literacy Quiz Competition at Opawa School. We enjoyed the Literacy Quiz because we get the honour of competing in the literacy quiz at Opawa School!!!

Claymation Rocks

Claymation is when you make things out of clay and take photos and make them into a short movie. We are doing this with our newly created animals. We get to use Garage Band to record our voices and have music and sound effects. I worked with Zainab. We designed two backdrops, one was day and the other was night. By Emma Vincent

Recycling In Room 4

In Room 4 we have been doing recycling. While we have learning about recycling we are doing a technology craft. We have to make a playground out of recycling because Oaklands students are getting bored of our usual playground.

Miss B

Ellen said

I like Miss B because she is always helpful.   

Zainab said

I like Miss B because she is really fun

Sasha said

I like Miss B because she puts a lot of time in to us

Lauren said

I like Miss B because she is the best teacher in the world

Taylah said

I like Miss B because  she is nice

Grace said

I like Miss B because she always helps us

Mrs Boyce said

She is a good arty teacher for this class just look at it

Window Art

This is  Madyx's art work that he did on our class window. We are rated the most colourful class in Oaklands School.

Learning Time

Today we have been looking at Time. Some people find Time easy but some people have difficulties with Time because some people see it differently. Some people see it as a 5 times table clock but some people see it as a clock with numbers on it. Some clocks are analogue and some times are digital.

This is Beau's Learning WALT.


We have been doing Mathletics for a long time but know one did a post about mathletics so me and my friend decided to do a post about it. It's about gaining credits to buy clothes and accessories and higher in your points to get a certificate.

Jump Rope For Heart

For Jump Rope For Heart we compete in competitions like criss cross backwards and frontwards and sometimes we even do it with partners.

Our Swimming

We went swimming for 2 weeks. We had to go on a bus to star fish swim school and the trip to star fish swim school was long but pretty fun because we got to sit with anyone we wanted too. First we needed to show the swim teachers how we swim. Emma Vincent was in lane one and they learnt how to do back stroke and she enjoyed doing free style with a board. Emily Pentecost was in lane three and she enjoyed going to the deep end and I also enjoyed swimming with out using your feet to kick. Emily Pentecost had a teacher called nancy and she was Ellen,Ashleigh and Emma h's teacher also. All of us said thank you to the bus driver. Our last bus driver was so nice that some people wanted to get his number. On the last day of swimming I wasn't here but my friend Emma is going to tell me what happened. It was really fun on the last day because at the end of Emma Vincent's lesson they had a race to the middle of the pool and Emma Vincent came about 5 place and at the end of the swim lesson every group went in to group 2 3 or 4 to play mushrooms and beau mulqueen won the game of mushroom. He stayed under the water for about 1 minute or more. When we got back to class we played a game of math tag.

Writing from Emma Vincent and Emily Pentecost 

Room 4 Calendar Art 2013

Room 4 Calendar Art 2013 on PhotoPeach Room 4 has been busy designing and creating their 2013 calendar art.

Room 4's Calendar Art

Right now we are working on our calendar art. It is really fun because we are allowed to do any pattern we want to. We had to write our name in the middle of the page and then write 'If I was an Explorer I would...

My Portrait

Room4 has been working on Imagination portraits. I have learnt to put the nose in the middle of the face.

Conflict: Role Pllay

Room 4 have been leaning about conflict
My group have decide to do a role play, it is about two boys
Who are playing basket ball then along comes a giant bully who tries to take their ball. Then they say" I know we can play together." They were able to play together because they all agreed to the rules.

Our Portraits

We have been drawing portraits off our selves. I learnt how to draw a nose well. I drew a triangle then drew some curves on the bottom for nostrils. I drew a plus sign on the face to get to place the eyes, nose and mouth go.

Learning How To Blog

Mrs Patten came to help us post our learning onto our class blog. We used the Blogger app. We found it very easy to use. Now we are going to do a post of our own.

Our Masterpieces!

Throughout the first three weeks of this term we looked at creating self portraits using different artists perspectives. For the first portrait we painted ourselves on our classroom windows. This introduced  all our visitors to the Room 4 Learning Community.  For our second portrait we had to imagine ourselves as anything we liked. Some students were Hollywood starlets, while others builders, scientists, nurses and even football players. For our third and last portrait we looked at the artist Matisse and how he created his backgrounds using lines. shapes and bold colours. We also looked at an abstract technique which saw us painting our faces purple or green!

Our Learning Outcome was to...
Included all main facial features like our mouth, nose, eyes and ears, with most of these facial features the right size and shape and drawn in the right place. That we have added at least two other features of our face like our eyelashes, earrings. We have used line around the outside of our self-portrait to make our colour stand out and have used colour combinations to show differences in our skin and hair colour.

These portraits gave us the opportunity to explore the idea of abstract... where our choice of colour tells a story. Things are not always what they seem!
We then explored the artist Matisse and his idea of using shapes and lines as the background to our self-portraits.
These are our masterpieces...

Our Room 4 Learning Plan

Welcome to our Room 4 blog. This is where we will be sharing and reflecting on our learning and the 'goings on' in Room 4 over the coming year. We will share our learning, photos, art work and so much more.

For the first 3 weeks of this term our class worked on setting up class routines and expectations. We did a lot of brainstorming and sharing of ideas. We also took a closer look at our school values and how we could be better citizens and learners. From here we got to know each other and discovered lots of interesting bits and pieces! We also got to design and create our very own cushions. For this we used textile ink and fabric pens. They look amazing! Our next challenge was to learn how to sew on buttons, and that proved to be quite interesting!

The Student's Corner... Anita - I really like drawing our partners. Emma H - Doing our imagination portraits was the best part. Alicia - I like making our 'me' booklets, especially adding glitter to the front cover. I also liked painting ourselves on the window. Jack - I liked making our cushions. Beau - Doing fitness was the best part! Lauren - I liked doing my 'me' book. Zainab - Doing the portraits was fun. Sasha - I enjoyed making my cushion. Thomas doing my booklet and my cushion was fun. Emily - I liked painting on the windows. Jayden - Doing my imagination portrait was a whole lot of fun! Ellen - My 'me' booklet and cushion is what I like doing. Jorge - Making my cushion was cool fun.