Our Swimming

We went swimming for 2 weeks. We had to go on a bus to star fish swim school and the trip to star fish swim school was long but pretty fun because we got to sit with anyone we wanted too. First we needed to show the swim teachers how we swim. Emma Vincent was in lane one and they learnt how to do back stroke and she enjoyed doing free style with a board. Emily Pentecost was in lane three and she enjoyed going to the deep end and I also enjoyed swimming with out using your feet to kick. Emily Pentecost had a teacher called nancy and she was Ellen,Ashleigh and Emma h's teacher also. All of us said thank you to the bus driver. Our last bus driver was so nice that some people wanted to get his number. On the last day of swimming I wasn't here but my friend Emma is going to tell me what happened. It was really fun on the last day because at the end of Emma Vincent's lesson they had a race to the middle of the pool and Emma Vincent came about 5 place and at the end of the swim lesson every group went in to group 2 3 or 4 to play mushrooms and beau mulqueen won the game of mushroom. He stayed under the water for about 1 minute or more. When we got back to class we played a game of math tag.

Writing from Emma Vincent and Emily Pentecost 

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