Exploring Symmetry

We have been exploring symmetry using foam shapes. Check out our cool symmetrical patterns!

Grooving With Geometry!

Symmetry Comes Alive In Room 4

We are currently exploring Geometry in Maths. Our focus has been on symmetry and what this is and how to identify whether a shape/item has symmetry or not. We have also been looking at how many lines of symmetry a shape or item has. To conclude our look at symmetry we created a piece of Art which demonstrated what symmetry is. Check out our creative Mathematical Art!


Peace Week

Celebrated this month was Peace Week. We looked at what it was all about and why it is celebrated. We discussed and brainstormed what the word 'Peace' meant to us. Here is our brainstorm.
From our brainstorm we decided to write a Peace poem. Here are two examples of what we came up with. To see more, check out our individual learning blogs.

Peace is great. It brings us together.
It's a wonderful thing. It should be here forever.
Some people think it will be gone.
All I can say, well they are wrong.
Respect can be a part.
It shows in most people sometimes in Art.
I hope this shows you what,s good and what's bad.
and shows you that peace can sometimes be rad!
By Sam

Peace is good and can never be bad.
It is the coolest thing in the world.
It is more precious than even gold!
No one should hate peace.
By Lindsay
Get Wise Financial Literacy With ASB

On Tuesday our class participated in a financial literacy lesson run by the ASB Bank. We got to look at how to save our money and what happens to it when we do. We also looked at the difference between a credit card and a debit card.
This is what we learned from the lesson...
Jakob - I learned not to have a credit card.
Jacob - I learned that you should use a debit card instead of a credit card.
Lindsay - I learned that you need to save more rather than spend it on ourselves.
Wariesha - I learned that it is better to have a debit card than a credit card.
Nicholas - I learned that credit cards use the banks money.
Taylah - I learned different ways of how to make a budget and the reason why you shouldn't own a credit card and should have a debit card instead.
Caleb - I learned that a debit card is your money and a credit card is a banks money. That the bank can charge a lot of money for using a credit card.
Emma - I learned about budgets and roughly how much money you have to paid for you and a house.
Candice - I learned that it is better to use a debit card rather than a credit card.
Sasha - I learned that you shouldn't have a credit card but instead should have a debit card.
Jack - I learned that saving is fun! And that you get free interest.
Lachlan - I learned about credit cards.
Charlotte - In learned that for every $100 dollars saved you get free dollars.
James - I learned about having a budget.
Emily - I learned that you need to start saving money now and not later.
Hollywood Or Bust!

This term our Integrated Studies focus is Drama. We have been busy looking at the different elements of Drama as well as exploring different Drama techniques. As part of our unit we have also been participating in different Drama activities and exercises. We have done 'Hot Seat', Charades, Reader's Theatre to name just a few. We are looking forward to exploring Drama even further in the coming weeks. Who knows, we just might have the next Tom Cruise or Selena Gomez in Room 4!