A Good Friend Is...
In Integrated Studies we have been learning about friends and friendship, specifically what a good friend is. This is what we believe a good friend is...
WALT: Explain what the qualities of a good friend are.

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SOLO Taxonomy
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SOLO Taxonomy in Room 4
Watch Out Picasso... Here Comes Room 4!

Art Attack this term focused on turning our mihis into a visual representation scroll. This meant we had to draw our mountain, river, flower or tree and or an icon from the region we come from. We planned and then designed what our scrolls would look like on draft paper before beginning on our good piece of cartridge. The Art medium we used was water colour paints. These paints enabled us to play around with colour and combinations of these. This is what we came up with...

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Top Team 2014
We were excited about participating in the first Oaklands School Top Team event being run by Sport Canterbury. We got to do a variety of activities, some of which involved a lot of water! This was probably the part of the event that students enjoyed the most, getting wet! We worked together in teams to win points. Below are Room 4's highlights of the event.
I enjoyed the Burst Pipe because you got wet! And I love to get wet. By Jade
I enjoyed the awesome obstacle course with the bucket full of water and the game where you had to float the ping pong  ball out of the pipe with  holes.  By Taylah
I loved all of the exciting and awesome fun water games. By Emily
I really enjoyed the water pipe activity because you got really wet. They were all fun!! By Isaac
My favourite thing about the Top Team events was the obstacle course. By Ashton

I enjoyed the balance a bucket full of water on a stick game!!! By JACK

I enjoyed the obstacle when you had to get the ball out of the pipe. By Lindsay

My favourite thing at Top Team was the water game when we had to put the water in the hole. By Hailey

The New Zealand puzzle. By Josh

I enjoyed getting wet because it was nice and cold. I liked the challenge because it was frustrating sometimes. By Jakob

  My favourite thing was winning. By Savannah

  My favourite thing at Top Team was the obstacle course one. By Alissa

I loved the  pipe game because of getting soaked. By Nicholas

Getting wet. By Rewi

I enjoyed getting wet. By Melahkye 

I loved getting wet when we had to try to get the ball out of the pipe. By Candice

The Top Team was fun because I got wet and the House of Cards was fun. By Holly

What I enjoyed  about Top Team was the bucket on the stick because we got wet. By Charlotte

 My favourite thing about Top Team was the puzzle one where you had to build New Zealand. By Lily

I enjoyed the burst pipe because you got wet. I love to get wet. By Brook

I enjoyed the bucket game. By Phoebe

I enjoyed doing the water activities. I liked the Lily Pad Game. By Lachlan

Water games and Map Game with Miss B. By Sasha

 I enjoyed getting wet, trying new experiences and having fun. I had an awesome time! By Wariesha

Our Camp Highlights!

Rope swing, the camp fire songs, it was fun, happy, funny, exciting, scary, weird, lovely meals, colourful, challenging, the waterslide, the bouldering wall, archery, low ropes, swimming, the monorail and the trampolines.


My favourite thing at camp was the bouldering wall and my favourite thing at the bouldering wall was around the world. I loved the monorail. The waterslide made my shorts dirty! Though everything was fun!

At camp my favourite thing was feeding and patting the animals they were cute. I felt spoilt by them. I also enjoyed archery and air rifles because I got huge targets. I felt amazing it was awesome! I also liked the bouldering wall it was challenging and exciting! I also loved the campfire because we sang super silly songs [a chiki chiki chumba!] [A maso maso maso! and you can’t ride in my little red wagon the fronts seat’s broken and the axels dragon] yes that was super too! I loved swimming too! But the walking wasn’t so good or the sleeping [it was to noisy!]
I Enjoyed Camp
We sang funny songs at the campfire, did archery, climbed the bouldering wall, went on the swing, rode the monorail, did the initiatives and slid down the mudslide.
I enjoyed camp. I liked the bouldering wall because it was challenging and fun at the same time. The campfire because we got to sing silly songs and eat smores. The monorail because on one of the corners it felt like you were going to fall off. The Initiatives course because it was fun with the swing rope. I felt great!

Camp was… nerve racking, funny, fun, exciting, interesting, scary, challenging, soared across the top of hills, snuck up hills, scrambled… I enjoyed the campfire and smores, silly songs, looking after friends that were sad, milking cows, riding horses, feeding animals, swimming, the monorail, the colours game and the farm.
I enjoyed it at camp, especially the rifles and archery. The food and the games, swimming, trampolines, animals, songs, campfire, friends and bugs too!

My Experiences… learning about the rocks and the fact that we were walking inside a volcano and farm, the monorail, pool, walking inside the shearing shed, rope swing, flying fox, funny, excited, long walk up and down, the colour game, feeding the animals, the campfire, campfire songs, archery and the air rifles, the big wall, sleeping, low ropes, food, seeing onga onga, bouldering wall, tractor ride, milking a cow, the trampoline, initiatives, balance bikes, water slide and learning about the beach.

Bouldering wall: Fun! Awesome! Sweaty, slippery, around the world: challenging.
I enjoyed the campfire because we got to have some smores and sing silly songs. We also got to a frog song and I didn’t laugh so I got a treat. Then when we got back we got to have supper. We had biscuits with chocolate on the bottom of them.
I liked camp because it was fun and cool. We did archery and slept in bunkrooms.

I enjoyed the camp songs, campfire, go-carts, colour game and swimming.
At camp I enjoyed… the campfire, rifles, archery, hanging out with friends, the bouldering wall, waterslide, low ropes, swimming, the monorail, the trampolines, smores, meals, funny songs… Camp was funny, fun, spectacular, awesome, great, about taking risks, amazing, scary, cool, nerve racking, exciting, happy, sad, tired, sleepy, challenging, game on, tricky, colourful, and PERFECT!
Camp was… fun, exciting, the campfire because of the funny songs, archery and rifles, learning about the beach, memorable, sleeping, pool, cows, waterslide, tired, low ropes, food, long walk, flying fox, colour game, rope swing, bouldering wall, the farm and initiatives.

I enjoyed the mudslide and swimming and the bouldering wall. I also got to ride a horse and milk a cow.
I enjoyed the campfire because of the silly songs and smores and I also got candy because I didn’t laugh at the frog dance or song. PS we also still got supper. PSS When we got back to camp we played outside. I LOVE SMORES!

At camp I most enjoyed rifles and archery because I got 4/4 for rifles and 4 blue, 4 yellow, 1 deer and 1 gulls eye target.


My Camp Experiences
Awesome, a bit homesick, a bit sleepy, smiles, exciting, lots of jokes, wet and rides.
Something hard for me was walking up to get to Living Springs and walking down to get to the farm.
I enjoyed the initiatives because you had to problem solve things like getting the tyre over the top of a pole. I also enjoyed the low ropes, bouldering wall, campfire, recreation and swimming, monorail, air rifles, archery, riding horses at the farm and walking back from the campfire.
I enjoyed doing rifles and archery because I got 4 turns. I enjoyed archery because I got to go out on the archery field where you shoot the arrows. I loved camp!

On Wednesday we went to camp. I most enjoyed doing all the fun activities and eating. I felt really excited. But I didn’t like it when we had to go to bed because at about midnight Rewi had to look out the window.
My Feelings…
Saturated, delicious, exciting, boiling, wild, amazing, fun, stupendous, awesome, wonderful, fabulous, soaking, freezing, cool, sensational, scintillating, tasty, nerve racking, drenched, hilarious and warm.
My Thoughts…
Campfire, shearing sheep, initiatives, silly songs, waterslide, animal feeding, swimming, milking cows, big walks, air rifles, bouldering wall, cart rideing, horse riding, colour game, archery, teamwork building, bunks, farm, nature walks… wish it was longer!
My favourite part of camp was the campfire because we sang silly songs and the funniest part of camp was someone who played a joke on me. At the campfire we also made yummy smores. It was fun!

My favourite thing about camp – Living Springs was Beau at night being silly and funny.
My favourite thing about camp was Beau being silly at night and archery and air rifles. Camp was the best school trip ever!