Twisted Poems

This term we have been working on writing different poems to express our thoughts and feelings. One of the first poems we write was 'Twisted Poems'. We created these poems from lines of original poems put together to create new poems. We used journal poems as the basis for our poems. This is what we cam up with. Twisted Poetry 

WALT: Create a poem from lines of an original poem to present a poem with a twist. 
By Sasha  
Butterflies have a lot of patterns They are one of the most beautiful creatures They are very soft They are very fragile Beautiful, bright, colourful things I just wish I had wings They are beautiful and caring Most loving things you will find on Earth! 

By Jayden  
Let The Rock Take It Away 
Do many get married? A crayfish in the car Cooked slowly for a maximum flavour Like diners at a fine restaurant Walking, talking, mud pie, cleaning lighthouse windows The tut, tut, tut of passers by Against all odds! 

By Jamie 
I was whizzing down the street I saw a leaf glide from the breeze Along the silver edge like the moon A streak of sunset A tangerine tiger’s tail A giant jaffa roll A linger of lava Have retired from the shore 

By Benny 
When I go to bed in my Sung Sung bed I felt like I could sleep for years I feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon about to hatch into a butterfly But it doesn’t last forever! 

 By Anita 
The street stretched silent Footpaths still The sky boiled And then a sudden scare! Boulders and scree are sliding down the hillsides into the sea I don’t dare go near them Then the sky cracks open Skyrockets mow them down all over town! 

By Jack 
Look deep into her eyes for her true colours You survived somehow against all odds The men, machines, tumbling logs, the fires, the cats, the stoats and the dogs Like a dinner at a fine restaurant The white coated sea gulls Ten bird watchers spotting nine ducks Catching a germ is like catching a flea – when I wasn’t looking it caught me! 

 By Emily  
The Astonishing Shark 
This killing machine can’t help it He was born this way He’s as shocking as a fish leaping out of deep water See’s me staring Hears me talking They make no sound And then a sudden scare! Boldness turns to instant fear Someone has been here Something bold and fierce Something swift He’s gaining fast BANG! SNAP! SPLATTER! 

By Aaron  
At Night 
The night was dark and deathly still There was hardly a sound One ruru calls its own name Its wings are invisible and make no sound Out in shed a boy is listening for radio waves from Mars this night Out in the streets teenagers are throwing lemons at windows until they spread like peanut butter A boy wriggles into a sleeping bag that was like a cocoon. 

By Taylah  
One Dark & Eerie Night 
I lie down tucked up warm bed Creepy whispers in the night call through the cat flap Spooky laughter outside my kitchen window We say nothing and listen… The silence hung in the air all over town The night was dark and deathly still!