Cultural Day 2016

Celebrating Our Many Cultures

During week 4 we looked at the many different cultures in our classroom and school community. It was exciting learning about different countries.

On the Tuesday we had a shared lunch and got to experience food from different cultures. Fairy bread proved very popular.

On the Thursday we were lucky to have two parents visit our classroom and share their cultures. We had Julia talk to us about South Korea and taught us how to play the game 'Tuho'. It was so much fun. We had to try and get narrow sticks into a special vase of three hoops.

Then Shiry talked to us about Israel.

That afternoon we had a Cultural Day assembly celebrating the different cultures in our Oaklands community. We had Japanese drumming, a traditional Chinese dance, karate demonstration and so much more.

Our New Arrivals

Introducing Our New Arrivals...

At the end of last year our 3 chooks were retired to a chook farm. Mr McAven was busy at work looking for our new editions to the Food Forest.

Chicken Manor came to Mr McAven and donated 6 new chooks to our school. Although they all looked the same your could see different personalities coming out. Mr McAven put different coloured bands around one leg of each chook so that we could identify them by their coloured band.

The Year 4's next job was to come up with the names for our new editions.
Introducing... Minnie, Cocoa, Pumpkin, Tomato, Fuzzy and Brainiac.

Operation Marshmallow

Teamwork In Action

In this exercise we worked together to build the tallest free standing structure. We only had marshmallows and spaghetti to work with.

We learned that working together is all about compromise. We had lots of ideas and needed to put these together into one plan... one plan that would work!

Collaboration is important but isn't always easy to do, especially when trying to come up with one idea we all agree with.