Our Playground

We got to make Oaklands School's playground and we got to do anything on it. We could even make our own stuff in our playground.

This is Emily Pentecost's and Emma Vincent's 

Literacy Quiz

Wooden arms was one of Emily Pentecost's and Taylah Peek's books to read for the literacy quiz. We got about two days to read it each. On the 19th of September it was the Literacy Quiz Competition at Opawa School. We enjoyed the Literacy Quiz because we get the honour of competing in the literacy quiz at Opawa School!!!

Claymation Rocks

Claymation is when you make things out of clay and take photos and make them into a short movie. We are doing this with our newly created animals. We get to use Garage Band to record our voices and have music and sound effects. I worked with Zainab. We designed two backdrops, one was day and the other was night. By Emma Vincent

Recycling In Room 4

In Room 4 we have been doing recycling. While we have learning about recycling we are doing a technology craft. We have to make a playground out of recycling because Oaklands students are getting bored of our usual playground.

Miss B

Ellen said

I like Miss B because she is always helpful.   

Zainab said

I like Miss B because she is really fun

Sasha said

I like Miss B because she puts a lot of time in to us

Lauren said

I like Miss B because she is the best teacher in the world

Taylah said

I like Miss B because  she is nice

Grace said

I like Miss B because she always helps us

Mrs Boyce said

She is a good arty teacher for this class just look at it

Window Art

This is  Madyx's art work that he did on our class window. We are rated the most colourful class in Oaklands School.

Learning Time

Today we have been looking at Time. Some people find Time easy but some people have difficulties with Time because some people see it differently. Some people see it as a 5 times table clock but some people see it as a clock with numbers on it. Some clocks are analogue and some times are digital.

This is Beau's Learning WALT.


We have been doing Mathletics for a long time but know one did a post about mathletics so me and my friend decided to do a post about it. It's about gaining credits to buy clothes and accessories and higher in your points to get a certificate.

Jump Rope For Heart

For Jump Rope For Heart we compete in competitions like criss cross backwards and frontwards and sometimes we even do it with partners.

Our Swimming

We went swimming for 2 weeks. We had to go on a bus to star fish swim school and the trip to star fish swim school was long but pretty fun because we got to sit with anyone we wanted too. First we needed to show the swim teachers how we swim. Emma Vincent was in lane one and they learnt how to do back stroke and she enjoyed doing free style with a board. Emily Pentecost was in lane three and she enjoyed going to the deep end and I also enjoyed swimming with out using your feet to kick. Emily Pentecost had a teacher called nancy and she was Ellen,Ashleigh and Emma h's teacher also. All of us said thank you to the bus driver. Our last bus driver was so nice that some people wanted to get his number. On the last day of swimming I wasn't here but my friend Emma is going to tell me what happened. It was really fun on the last day because at the end of Emma Vincent's lesson they had a race to the middle of the pool and Emma Vincent came about 5 place and at the end of the swim lesson every group went in to group 2 3 or 4 to play mushrooms and beau mulqueen won the game of mushroom. He stayed under the water for about 1 minute or more. When we got back to class we played a game of math tag.

Writing from Emma Vincent and Emily Pentecost 

Room 4 Calendar Art 2013

Room 4 Calendar Art 2013 on PhotoPeach Room 4 has been busy designing and creating their 2013 calendar art.

Room 4's Calendar Art

Right now we are working on our calendar art. It is really fun because we are allowed to do any pattern we want to. We had to write our name in the middle of the page and then write 'If I was an Explorer I would...