Using A SOLO Map

The Describe Map

Once we completed our devices the next step was to look more closely at what we had designed, why we designed it that way and evaluate the effectiveness of our device. To do this we used a SOLO describe map.

What attributes does our design have? What will each attribute do?

Why have you designed the attributes like this?

How successful was the attribute to the overall design? What needs to be changed?

Our Technology Challenge

Collaboration At Work

Hanging By A Thread
The Problem...

After having lost your food pack you journey back to your spacecraft feeling tired and hungry. Suddenly, you see a peculiar 'fruit' dangling from the branch of what looks like a tree. Unfortunately, the 'fruit' hangs over a deep chasm. You must pick, catch and retrieve the 'fruit' to survive!

What did we have to do...
The 'fruit' will be suspended by by a paper clip hook. You will have 15-20mins to complete the task of making a device to pick, catch and retrieve the 'fruit'. You will be given a starting point from which your team will try to retrieve the 'fruit' with your device. You will complete the task when the 'fruit' is placed in the given container. (ice cream container)

You will be given...
4 large sheets of newspaper
2 popsicle sticks
two straws
some blue tac
a magnet
50cm of sellotape
2m of string

The students worked in small groups collaborating together to design and make a device to retrieve the fruit on the other side of the chasm. This is what we cam up with...

Chooknology In Action

Technology In Action

We have used our existing knowledge of chickens and taken this a step further....

Operation Chooknology
Step 1: Identify the problem
Step 2: Brainstorm our ideas and possible solutions
Step 3: What did we come up with... Where to from here?

Check out our collaboration!