Our Chain Poetry

Chain Poems
WALT: Create a chain poem that tells a story from 8 words on a specific topic.

By Ashleigh & Anita
Lots of tigers are fat and cuddly
They are also furry and soft
They look very stripy in black and orange fur
Some tigers are scary and very frightening
Baby tigers are cute and small
Tigers are lots of fun sometimes
They can grow as big as a zebra
They have very clawy claws

By Ellen & Jayden
As round as a ball
So very juicy yum, yum, yum
As crunchy as a pear
Sometimes as red as blood
Sometimes as green as grass
Sometimes even yellow with red
As delicious as an apple pie
And so yummy for your tummy

By Emma H & Zainab
Whish, whish goes the butterfly’s wings
They are so beautiful and colourful
As they flutter to collect nectar
Butterflies flying so high
Landing on pretty flowers and smelling them
Beautiful patters on their wings
So precious
And gentle butterflies fly
The sky’s the limit!

An Ogre Lady
By Emma V & Taylah
A young boy knocked on the door and saw an old lady shaking furiously
Suddenly the old lady claps and the lights turn on
Quickly the young boy punches the window for an exit out of the terrifying mansion
The old lady tightens her grip and holds the boy so tight he could only just breathe
The Old Lady’s hands were so extremely cold it sent a shiver down the boy’s spine
The sun is shining hot upon my face through the dirty broken window
I had a brainwave…
If I slap the Old Lady she might loosen her grip and I would be able to escape
So that is what I did
After that the Old Lady ran to the door but couldn’t see me because I was already half way home
“Hip, hip hooray!” I yelled while I was running
By Jacob & Beau
I think mammals are hairy so they can keep warm
Retiles are scaly and sometimes bizarre
But I think I like reptiles more than birds because I like snakes
Crocodiles are carnivores
They have four legs, some no legs at all!
I don’t like herbivores
I like fiercesome animals

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