Room 4 Writer's Corner

50 Years and Still Standing Strong
By Brook Robinson

Our learning has changed from when we started school.
I started when I was 5 in 2009. Did you know that the
music room use to have a classroom next to it. I was in Room 20 with Jade, Wariesha, Mya, Anneke, Maddie R,
Maddie S, Natasha and of course some boys.

In the Music Room we had Miss Ellis as our teacher.
We didn’t do much. We made some toys with blocks.
Now we do school work like Reading, Writing and Maths.
We used to do Discovery when we were in Year’s 0-2, but when we were in Year 3 we didn’t get to do it. Now the Year 3’s get to. My brother Kade got to it as a Year 3. It’s not fear!

In 1964 there were only rooms  1, 2, 3, 4, 5. There was no hall, in fact the Music Room used to be the hall. The office was still there. We  didn’t have Oscar or the swimming pool. They had a field, but it was huge. No playgrounds or cricket pitch and rugby posts.
Our learning in Year 5 has a little bit easy and a little bit hard. I wonder what it will feel like in 2015 when I’m a year 6. This is my journey through Oaklands so far .

By Lachlan Reid

It’s 2014 and my name is Lachlan Reid. My main friends are Jack, Jacob, Cormac and Zach. We had our 50th Jubilee this year.  It was Labour weekend. All students were involved in our Jubilee Production.
Our school today has three playgrounds, a massive field and 25 classrooms. In the future I think the school will… probably be working online. We might have wacky buildings or houses and maybe floating cars. Our pens and pencils might write by themselves so all you need to do is tell them what to write.

Peace is a wonderful thing. The world should be peaceful. Peace brings us together and we have fun. Happiness is cool and that’s how it should be and where white ribbons to show that you like peace and do not forget to do the peace sign.
By Jakob Manson

The Pumpkin With A Toothache
I was walking along and I saw a cave so I decided to go in. It was a very dark cave so I got a torch. When I’d walked about ten feet steps I saw the same light... and it wasn’t my torch! I walked toward it. Suddenly a massive pumpkin appeared. It was saying, “My tooth is so sore!” I said my name was Lindsay and asked if it needed help. It said yes, I need to get my tooth out. Okay, so I hopped in and started pulling until it popped out.
By Lindsay Smith

Peace is great. It brings us together. It's a wonderful thing. It should be here forever.

Some people think it will be gone.
All I can say, well they are wrong. Respect can be a part.
It shows in most people sometimes in Art. I hope this shows you what,s good and what's bad.
and shows you that peace can sometimes be rad!
By Sam Carrodus


Peace is good and can never be bad. It is the coolest thing in the world. It is more precious than even gold! No one should hate peace.
By Lindsay  Smith
A Nurse In War
As we continue down the draughty desert like road too our destination I feel a huge rush of nervousness and horridness run through my veins! As soon as we get there the team sets up the rock solid barriers and red cross first aid tents, as we do this far off in the distance near the vanishing line I see dangerous machines, dead and bloody people along with friends dying! 

Suddenly I see a few army trucks roaring to life and then heading my way with injured people in them. Then I get a gigantic whiff of gunpowder (“Man its strong” I exclaim) the word to describe it is ‘Throat Drying Smoke’. As they bring the first war victims to me I start to feel disgusted and on the spur of that moment I seem to smell sadness in the air!

As I lay the victims down on the examination table/bed all I hear is moaning, groaning and screaming and I feel as if I was going to go to deaf. After I provided solutions to all of their needs (to let them live a longer life in war) I hear lots of sounds going “BANG! BANG! BANG!” which I assume is gunfire. It seemed to me that the injured people were never-ending
When the driver of one of the trucks hoisted a boy out who looked around my age (18) then I recognised who he was, he was my best friend but then I realised his wound was so big I wouldn’t be able to save him. He asked me to tell his partner and child that he loved them so dearly and he will always be with them in their heart!
By Taylah Peek
War Time

We're coming in to shore. We stepped on the bay and I heard something like a bullet I said, " watch out" to my friend Lachlan. AHHHHHHHH! His arm fell straight off. Lachlan fell to the ground screaming. Four of the soldiers took him to hospital. As that was happening,  Lindsay was having a fun time shooting like a madman. I said, "three two one go!!! " and we ran up to the sandbags, jumped over them and kicked two people in the face while shooting. Once everyone started helping we wasted them. 
We get back to base and have some beers to celebrate, saying that was World War1 sarcastically. We read a letter from the Turks telling us to surrender or we could die! They were sending in 1043 soldiers. Everyone left except Lindsay and I. We handcuffed our hands to a post and chucked the key in the sea. You have to admit it was a pretty stupid when tomorrow 1043 men were coming after as. We used the sand bags as pillows.                                                   

DAY 2 
We woke up and there were Turkish men everywhere. They told us to get up and I told them to SHUT UP and let me sleep. I woke up knowing that they were the Turkish. I told them I was stuck so they threw a hammer at the handcuffs. They broke! I got up and so did Lindsay. Interesting! Ha! they think we're one of them...

By Jack Robinson

War Time

We arrived at Gallipoli with the terrifying sound of guns and bombs. As we walked up the beach I could see land mines blow up as my friends lay life less.

I rush to there aid as a bullet brushes past my hair. I remember... I need to find my friends Melahkye and Jakob. It didn't take long to find them.. I quickly jump over to them. "Hey Mel. Hey Jakob where is Ashton?" 
"He died on the beach!" they sadly said. 
"We need to go get some kills! Come to the base," I exclaimed. We have more ammo and guns. Two years later the British Empire goes on to win World War One

                                                   By Sam Carrodus

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