Kelly Sport

Last week Room 8 participated in their first Kelly Sport session. In this session we had a coach teach us about fitness and warming our bodies up. We got to try out lots of new activities, including one called traffic lights.

Kelly Sport Up And Active Sessions on PhotoPeach

Kids Can Cook

On Wednesday 13 May we were lucky to have the team from Kids Can Cook visit us at school. This meant that we could go along to a cooking show and watch a chef prepare a healthy meal for us while teaching us about different types of foods. The chef prepared crepes with silver beet and apple inside them. Although it was different, they actually tasted rather delicious!

Kauri Cross Country 2015

This term Kauri Team had there cross country. This year we all went down to the Halswell Domain. Mr Forman and Mr Hillary worked very hard to make our 2015 Cross Country an interesting one! We had to run over the mini train tracks (of course the train wasn't running!), under and around trees and across rather large playing fields. Everyone raced in their Year levels, so all the Year 4's raced against each other. Miss B was proud of all of us, especially the effort we put in considering this was our first cross country. Our big successes of the day were Jessica S coming in, in first place, Luke in 4th place, Jacob B in 5th place, Amelia in 6th place and Teri in 10th place. What a day!