First Aid

On Wednesday we were really lucky to have had the opportunity to take part in a St Johns first aid course. We got to learn all about how to make a 111 call the right way as well as how to do some basic first aid. We learned all about DRSABC...
D anger
R epsonse
S end for help
A irway
B reathing
We also learned how to put someone in a recovery position, how to apply pressure to a severe cut and how to use a sling. It was interesting seeing how the students apply a bandage and sling. There were some very interesting results!

Athletics 2014

This year our athletics sports was held on the Thursday and Friday of Week 3. Students were involved in all field and track events. We were very lucky with the weather on both days. The students all strived to do the very best they could.

Celebrating 50 Years

50 Years And Still Going Strong

Over Labour Weekend our school celebrated its 50th Jubilee. We have been open since 1964. Our entire school was busy preparing for this exciting event which included our school production. The production looking at Oaklands with characters from our past was a huge success and was enjoyed by young and old. Jacob and Sam were both part of our school orchestra playing their ukuleles. The rest of the class was involved in helping to paint the backdrops and props for the production. The backdrops looked amazing!
We were also involved in helping to paint the 50th Jubilee mural. The mural was divided into two parts - Kauri and Kakano. The Kakano team lead by Mr Horn and Miss Van Leeuwen had students from each of their classes helping to paint their half of the mural, while Kauri had one student from each class plan, design and paint our side of the mural. Both sides were linked by a giant oak tree. It was a huge job but was worth it, especially when you see our masterpiece hanging up on the back of our school hall wall. It represented what it meant to be a part of Oaklands School.