Swimming 2016

Swimming At Starfish

Over the past 2 weeks Room 8 has been participating in swimming lessons at Starfish Swim School. The students have not only learnt new skills and techniques but enjoyed the opportunity to learn alongside their peers.

The Education Brief

Our Education Brief

Term 3 saw us looking at the Education Brief and what our students believe Oaklands should look like as we move toward a Modern Learning Environment - Collaborative.

There brief was to look at what they wanted our inside and outside learning spaces to look like, as well as what they would like to see inside them. From here, the students then opted into one of two groups - the design and layout of learning spaces (inside or outside) or furniture design. The students were excited at the prospect of redesigning our school and thus, leaving their mark.

Gardeners At Work

Our Budding Greenfingers

Lincoln and Deacon have been busy working in the garden with Mr McAven. They have been digging holes and preparing the garden to plant potatoes ready for Christmas. The budding green fingers even made the local newspaper.