Artists At Work

Last Tuesday Room 4 got to take part in an Art workshop on perspective. Perspective creates the illusion of 3D on a 2D surface. To do this we looked at the vanishing point and the parallel lines that go to this point to create distance and thus... perspective.

With the help of Neil Shaskey this is what we created...

Kauri Team Cross Country
May 8 Westlake Park

Today was a day where students got to feel the success of what they had been working for over the past few weeks... finishing the cross country. At first the distance seemed daunting, but once they were on there way they could see the finish line in the distance.

The cross country was an opportunity for students to show what they were capable of and no matter whether you cam first or last, finishing the course was the big achievement. Well done to everyone who participated and showed us your team spirit and determination.

Congratulations to Ashton and Lindsay on coming first and second for the Year 5's. There success means they get to proudly represent Oaklands School at the South West Zone Cross Country on Thursday May 22.