Year 4 Sleepover

The Year 4 Sleepover

Our Year 4 Sleepover on 27 October was a huge success. The students had a great time! For a lot of our students it was the first time they had been on camp. The students were involved in a lot of camp activities and team building games. They enjoyed the fish ‘n’ chips for tea and of course, our camp concert!

Our Camp Highlights:
Morgan - Foxes and Hounds
Rose - orienteering
Anna-Bella - playing all the fun games
Jordyn - playing all the fun games & of course, supper!
Addi - Camp concert and the fun games
Hazel - camp concert
Tanesha - camp concert and the fun games
Eilish - camp concert, foxes and hounds and the fun games
Merrin - camp concert & Discovery Dome
Nyziah - camp concert & Discovery Dome
Jennifer - camp concert & Discovery Dome
Ryan - Discovery Dome
Tyler - Discovery Dome
Jack - Discovery Dome
Fletcher - Enjoying the sleepover with my friend Jack
Lincoln - Enjoying the sleepover with my friends Jack & Fletcher
Jacob - Discovery Dome
Eddie - Discovery Dome

Leo - Discovery Dome

2016 Kauri Athletics

Kauri Athletics

This was the first time that our Year 4 students had participated in the Kauri Athletics. They were excited and nervous. On the day, they went out there with their growth mindset to give everything a go and do the best they could. You can be real proud of what they achieved. Here’s to 2017!
Here is just some of our successes…
Eilish 1st in short sprint
Fletcher 3rd in short sprint
Addi 1st in short sprint & 2nd in high jump
Jordyn 1st in heat and 2nd in final of short sprint
Jacob 4th in short sprint & 4th in shot put
Tanesha 4th in heat of short sprint
Leo 2nd in high jump & 2nd in long sprint final

Our STAR Athlete of the day was Merrin
Wow! What an achievement Merrin… Olympics here we come

Merrin 3rd in long sprint, 1st in shot put, 2nd in discus, 2nd in long jump