My Portrait

Room4 has been working on Imagination portraits. I have learnt to put the nose in the middle of the face.

Conflict: Role Pllay

Room 4 have been leaning about conflict
My group have decide to do a role play, it is about two boys
Who are playing basket ball then along comes a giant bully who tries to take their ball. Then they say" I know we can play together." They were able to play together because they all agreed to the rules.

Our Portraits

We have been drawing portraits off our selves. I learnt how to draw a nose well. I drew a triangle then drew some curves on the bottom for nostrils. I drew a plus sign on the face to get to place the eyes, nose and mouth go.

Learning How To Blog

Mrs Patten came to help us post our learning onto our class blog. We used the Blogger app. We found it very easy to use. Now we are going to do a post of our own.