Pet Day 2016

Pet Day

On Friday 25 November we had our Oaklands School Pet Day. This was a day for students to bring their pets along to school to show them off to their friends and peers. It was also a day to raise awareness for animal protection and raise money for the SPCA. 
Amelia, Tyler & Jacob proudly showed off their much loved additions to Oaklands School for the morning.

Some of the money we raised will also go to the people of Kaikoura who are recovering from the devastating earthquake recently. The students had a great time patting and getting to know the different pets. Those students who bought along pets were very proud to show off their much loved members of the family. Even the teachers proudly showed off their much loved pets. Mrs Baker bought along Pepper, Miss O'Connor bought along Polly and Mrs Trotter bought along her beautiful German Shepherd.


Hazel also proudly showed off her much loved addition to Oaklands School for the morning.

Our Acrostic & Tanka Poems

Room 8 Poetry With Mr Brown

Literacy Week 2016

Literacy Week 2016 - ‘Lost In Space’ 
31 October – 4 November

Our Literacy Week for 2016 was launched at a whole school assembly where the teachers behind this week introduced the exciting things that lay in store for the week. We had the very popular hunt for the Golden Ticket and the space dash scavenger hunt around the school. The students also had the opportunity to do activities in the library at lunchtimes, including trying to guess who the teacher was reading the book.

Year 4 Sleepover

The Year 4 Sleepover

Our Year 4 Sleepover on 27 October was a huge success. The students had a great time! For a lot of our students it was the first time they had been on camp. The students were involved in a lot of camp activities and team building games. They enjoyed the fish ‘n’ chips for tea and of course, our camp concert!

Our Camp Highlights:
Morgan - Foxes and Hounds
Rose - orienteering
Anna-Bella - playing all the fun games
Jordyn - playing all the fun games & of course, supper!
Addi - Camp concert and the fun games
Hazel - camp concert
Tanesha - camp concert and the fun games
Eilish - camp concert, foxes and hounds and the fun games
Merrin - camp concert & Discovery Dome
Nyziah - camp concert & Discovery Dome
Jennifer - camp concert & Discovery Dome
Ryan - Discovery Dome
Tyler - Discovery Dome
Jack - Discovery Dome
Fletcher - Enjoying the sleepover with my friend Jack
Lincoln - Enjoying the sleepover with my friends Jack & Fletcher
Jacob - Discovery Dome
Eddie - Discovery Dome

Leo - Discovery Dome