Integrated Studies - We're Going Back To The Future!

Last term we went 'Back To The Future' for our Integrated Studies. Our focus was Christchurch, its past, present and future. We explored our city on a Rebuild Tour bus, visited the museum and walked through what what left of our city after the Earthquakes of 2011. Our mission was to take a space within our city and design and plan what would go there. We created a design plan and then built a model of what we came up with. In our design we had to consider what we thought our city would need and look like in about 30 years time. What would our future generations want and need. This is what we cam up with...

Back To The Future Part 1 on PhotoPeach Back To The Future Part 2 on PhotoPeach

Artists At Work

Last term our Art focus was perspective. To kick off our Art we all attended an Art Workshop with Neil Shaskey. From here were explored perspective further in class. We all looked at what a vanishing point was and the importance of this when considering perspective. Our final project involved us drawing a street view which included either a road or river. Check out what we did!