Feeding Our School Chooks

This year the Year 4 students are responsible for the Food Forest and for the feeding and care of our school chooks. When it is our class turn to feed the chooks we work together with a partner to clean and fill their water bowl, give them food for the day and collect any eggs they have laid. We also take care of them on that weekend. The students love this opportunity. Check out these photos...

Starfish Swimming

For the first two weeks of this term the students got the opportunity to improve their swimming technique. Watching the students over the past two weeks enabled me to see just how much they had improved. I even noticed how much more confident they had become in the water.


Art With Neil Shaskey

On March 25 we were lucky to be a part of Neil Shaskey's Art Workshop. Can you imagine meeting Dan Carter! Well the closest we got was drawing him. We learnt how to draw a self-portrait of him step-by-step, focusing on using different Art skills such as tone and line. Check out our masterpieces!