Room 8 Hosts Kauri Team Assembly

Room 8 Shares Their Learning

On Monday 30 May Room 8 hosted our Kauri Team assembly. We shared our learning in Integrated Studies which looked at what a plant needs to grow and survive and then entertained our team with a song about vegies. 

Here is the link to our song. 

Kauri Cross Country 2016

Our First Kauri Cross Country

Our Kauri Cross Country was on Thursday the 12 of May. It was the start of the race and I was nervous, but I still did it.
There was a lot of cheering. It was exciting to reach out for the finish line. At the end Hazel, Jennifer and I gave the
people there medals. Then we left to go back to school. It was fun at the Kauri cross Country.


 Blogster - Morgan

The Curious World Of Plants

Term 2 Integrated Learning

The students recently visited Green Gold Herb Farm and Oderlings as a hook into our Integrated Studies on plants and their habitats. From here students looked at what plants need to grow and survive in different conditions. They also constructed a self irrigator planter to grow different herbs. 

We also watched our sweet pea plants grow that we planted at Oderlings. Unfortunately, our sweet peas did not survive. The students had more success in growing their freesia's that they also planted at Oderlings.

Check out our sweet peas! We planted these on May 19 at Oderlings. 

We have been looking at what a plant needs to grow and stay healthy. We have also looked at how a seed grows. 

On Tuesday we constructed our self irrigated planter in preparation for planting our herb seeds on Thursday. We will be planting 4 seeds and it will be our responsibility to make sure we keep them watered so our seeds will grow.

Remembering ANZAC Day

Remembering ANZAC Day in Room 8

ANZAC Biscuits
Oaty and crispy
Sweet, delicious, bumpy
Hard when I bite it
A way to remember them

by Morgan

ANZAC Biscuits
Crunchy and hard
sweet, bumpy, oaty
Teeth munching down on scrumptious biscuits
Sweet to eat!
by Jacob

ANZAC Biscuits
Crunchy and munchy
Hard, crispy, sweet
As dry as a leaf
At least we don't forget
by Tanesha

ANZAC Biscuits
Oaty and crunchy 
Delicious, crispy, hard
Teeth munching down on the hard, yummy biscuit
Lest we forget
by Addi

ANZAC Biscuits
Tasty and Crisp
Scrumptious, oaty, sweet
Teeth munching down on scrumptious biscuits
Lest we forget
by Ryan