May The Force Be With You...

This term we have been looking at what a 'Force' is. We explored push and pull forces as well as what effect friction had on these. We did a variety of experiments related to forces, with our favourite being 'Balloon Rockets'. This experiment challenged our thinking and our patience as we tried to make our balloons race along against each other.

We used string, straws, sellotape and different sizes and shaped balloons. We threaded the string through the straw and then sellotaped it to the blown up balloon. The string stretched right across the classroom. We did two together and had a competition to see who's balloon could get the the end fastest. We had many hiccup along the way but persevered and had fun in the process.

We discovered that the size and shape of the balloon did have an effect on how fast or far the balloon travelled along the string. It also depended on how much air we had in the balloon.

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