Twisted Poems.

Twisted poems from words from lines of a poem

Here are some examples:

Title: The Muddy Monster!!!

I'm a muddy monster. I'm writing a poem and making it howl. Heaped black shadows gleaming in the moonlight. Boldness turns to instant fear,thunder,lighting,gloom and doom. Creepy whispers in the night and spooky laughter this killing machine can't help his self. Scary like being chased lion this is a source of blood to be burst of its bag of cue.BY EMMA VINCENT!!!

Title: The Astounding Shark!!!

This killing machine can't help it...He was born this way. He's as shocking as a fish leaping out of deep water.See's me staring,hears me talking.They make no sound.And then a sudden scare!!Boldness turns to instant fear.Someone has been here.Something bold and fierce,Something swift. He's gaining fast.BANG!SNAP! SPLATTER!!! BY EMILY PENTECOST!!!

By Emma.V. And Lauren.C.

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